Museums and their Publics

Master of Museum Studies

MSL1350H — Museums and their Publics

This course introduces students to people and communities who do, and do not, visit museums. General topics covered include: studying visitor experiences in physical museums and on their websites; museums as sites for constructing meaning and lifelong learning; on-site and online museum visits that personally change or transform individuals; and museums and social responsibility. Students will have opportunities to analyse experiences planned for visitors across museums locally and internationally, and evaluate visitor response to physical and online exhibitions and programs.

After taking this course, students will be better able to analyse in a constructive and critical way on-site and online experiences planned for visitors across museums locally and internationally. They will have reflected on how museums can fulfil their search for value and meaning by building new kinds of relationships with their publics.

Practice in evaluating visitor response to on-site/online exhibitions and programs, as well as improved skills as effective museum educators, communicators, and visitor researchers also will be outcomes of this course.

Note: MI students interested in taking this course must email the instructor, once a name has been posted on the timetable, indicating their reasons for wishing to take this course. Students should indicate whether they have any evaluation, public-related, and/or museum experience. Course instructor name should be confirmed by August 6. The above applies to students from other departments within UofT.

Note: 2nd year MMSt students