COVID-19 Research Pivot Bursary

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Overview and Application Guidelines

Purpose & Eligibility

A COVID-19 bursary for students who have incurred additional costs (e.g., replacement of equipment or supplies, travel, language classes, etc.) as a result of pivoting their research plans due to a COVID-19 related disruption.

As per School of Graduate Studies — Recovery Adaptation, “pivot” is defined as: Pivoting may take the form of revising aspects of a research question or objectives, the methodological approach or methods, or analyses.

The student should meet the following criteria:

    • Currently registered as a full-time Doctoral or MI or MMSt Thesis student at the Faculty of Information;
      • Needs to be a full-time Year 3 or Year 4 Doctoral student in Winter 2020.
      • Need to be a full-time MI or MMSt Thesis student in Winter 2020.
    • Research or other learning activities are no longer available to the student (e.g., data collection or access to other necessary information has been significantly impeded due to COVID-19 and/or data have been lost);
    • In order to pivot your research, additional costs have been incurred (e.g., replacement of equipment or supplies, travel, language classes, etc.).
    • There are insufficient data to defend a thesis/dissertation; and,
    • All feasible alternative academic activities have been completed (e.g., writing sections of dissertation or publications, coursework, professional development) have been completed.

If you have any questions, please connect with the Faculty at

Award Value & Duration

Varies. Award disbursements may be split across multiple terms depending on total value.

This award is non-renewable (one year only).

How to Apply

Please submit a completed COVID-19 Research Pivot Bursary Application Form (PDF) to Please note your Advisor / Supervisor’s comments and signature will be required on the same form.

Deadline to Apply

Rolling deadline.

Selection Process

Recipient(s) will be informed via email from the Awards Committee (