Doctoral Completion Awards

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Overview and Application Guidelines

Purpose & Eligibility

Awarded to full-time PhD students in their last year of studies, who are beyond the funded cohort but within the time limit for the degree.

For more information, please visit the School of Graduate Studies.

The student should meet the following criteria:

    • Faculty of Information Doctoral students in either Year 5 or Year 6.
    • To be applied for in their perceived final year of study.
    • Students must be in good standing in their graduate program and making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree requirements.
    • Ineligible if received in a previous academic year.

Award Value & Duration

Varies (dependent on student’s financial need). In the past 3 years, each eligible student has received no less than $3000 CAD. Award disbursements may be split across multiple terms depending on total value.

This award is non-renewable (one year only).

How to Apply

Students will signal during their Year 4 APR or Year 5 APR meetings that they intend to have the following year as their final year of study and will be planning for degree completion. For instance, if you are Year 4 in 2021/22, and you intend to complete degree requirements in 2022/23, then you should signal during your April Year 4 APR meeting that you are planning to complete your studies in 2022/23. This will enable you to be considered for the Doctoral Completion Award for the 2022/23 academic year.

Student Services will follow up with all that are eligible to complete a Financial Need Assessment Form (PDF).

Deadline to Apply

For the Doctoral Completion Award Review Process for 2021/22 only: All 2020/21 Year 4 and 5 doctoral students will be contacted by Student Services to ask if they wish to be considered for the Doctoral Completion Award in 2021/22.

Selection Process

Recipient(s) will be informed via email from the Awards Committee (