Collaborative Specializations

 Collaborative Specializations

Our MI, MMSt and PhD students are eligible to enroll into a variety of Collaborative specializations (please see below). These collaborative specializations are the result of cooperation between two or more graduate units, e.g., faculties, departments, centres, or institutes. They provide students with a broad base from which to explore interdisciplinary areas, allow students to pursue specialized subject interests, or special developments within particular disciplines.

To be eligible:

  • Student must be admitted/enrolled/registered in our MI or MMSt, PhD program
  • Be admitted to, and enrolled in, one of the collaborating graduate units – students must apply directly to the collaborative graduate unit

Fulfilling requirements:

  • Fulfill all the degree program requirements for the MI or MMSt or PhD program
  • Fulfill any additional requirements of the specific collaborative program

Upon completion of the collaborative specialization, students’ transcripts will denote a specialization in the particular program area.

To learn more about each collaborative specialization, you can reach out to the respective Faculty Liaisons / Coordinators.

Master of Information Master of Museum Studies PhD in Information
  • Collaborative Program Book History & Print promotion videa