Latest Faculty of Information Jobs


Closes on Thursday, June 01, 2023
City of Toronto
Full Time (Contract)



  • Job ID: 37068
  • Job Category: Information & Technology
  • Division & Section: City Clerk’s, City Clerk’s Corporate Info Mgmt Svcs
  • Work Location: Metro Hall, 55 John St.
  • Job Type & Duration: Full-Time, Temporary Vacancy (18 months)
  • Hourly Rate and Wage Grade: $47.54 – $52.10
  • Shift Information: Monday to Friday, 35 hours per week
  • Affiliation: L79 Full-time
  • Number of Positions Open: 1
  • Posting Period: 08-May-2023 to 01-June-2023

Major Responsibilities:

  • Develops, refines, and implements multi-faceted controlled vocabularies such as taxonomies, ontologies, and thesauri to enable consistent description, discovery, and reuse of City information and data assets.
  • Collaborates with internal stakeholder groups, senior leadership and subject matter experts to assess needs, model and conduct iterative evaluations of taxonomy designs based on feedback.
  • Leads and supports City information and data description, contextualization and classification through collaboration and technology integration.
  • Provides advisory services to corporate stakeholders in the areas of information management, controlled vocabulary management and taxonomy design.
  • Leads and provides business administration and facilitates technical resolution to sustain the enterprise taxonomy platform.
  • Performs gap analyses of existing business controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, and metadata and recommends action plans to resolve issues.
  • Assists with the definition and modeling of structural and descriptive metadata frameworks for the management of enterprise information.
  • Supports on-going enhancements to include automated metadata feed rules, data transformation and normalization, classification and enrichment, and search and discovery.
  • Develops policy documents and recommendations to support vocabulary, metadata management, and data governance in the organization
  • Educates stakeholders and advocates for taxonomy and metadata tagging as best practices.
  • Builds corporate awareness through training, information sessions, and participating in conferences
  • Integrates controlled vocabulary as part of information management requirements for technology or project planning considerations.
  • Leverages descriptive metadata to achieve more effective data governance at both divisional and enterprise levels.
  • Defines and implements an enterprise/divisional data model (such as class hierarchy and attributes) and designs controlled vocabulary architecture to ensure effective development and maintenance.
  • Develops, maintains, and facilitates acceptance and adoption of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines for information management, vocabulary management, and data governance within the City.
  • Develops and implements information/data policies and standards to align with strategic plans for maintaining, managing, archiving and disposing of digital assets by following information management disciplines and corporate policies and standards.
  • Understands, documents and works toward achieving the business capabilities needed to deliver anticipated information management benefits.
  • Participates in technology procurement/enhancement and user adoption of the taxonomy management platform.


Key Qualifications:

  1. Experience designing, developing, and implementing taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and metadata structures
  2. Experience integrating controlled vocabulary as part of Information Management requirements for technology and project planning consideration
  3. Experience providing business administration and technical resolution to sustain a taxonomy or related platform
  4. Experience collaborating with and educating a variety of stakeholders to achieve common objectives


You Must Also Have:

  • The ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Demonstrated time management, interpersonal and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, etc.