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Dean’s message on last day of classes

Submitted on Friday, April 03, 2020

Dear Faculty of Information Students,

Today we mark a milestone – the end of classes for a semester unlike any other. I felt it was important to take this opportunity to write to you and say that I hope you’re all keeping as safe, secure and healthy as possible as this semester winds down.

From the personal but online conversations I’ve had with members of our community, I know that while there is certainly overlap in how we’re all experiencing this COVID-19 crisis, no two people are having the same experience.

At the Faculty, we’ve tried our hardest to take this into account as we’ve dealt and continue to deal with the current situation. We know your personal circumstances are unique and we are ready and willing to work with you to do everything we can to allow you to complete your semester successfully. Please know too that you can always reach out to me or the staff and faculty members here at the Faculty of Information about everything from emergency financial aid and volunteer opportunities to a chance to chat with someone outside your immediate social circles.

To mark the end of classes, we have scheduled a virtual version of our traditional iTea for next Thursday April 9 from 3-4 p.m. Alas, we can’t supply the tea and sandwiches this spring, but we’re planning out activities and hope to pleasantly surprise you.

Many of you will also have already seen today’s message from the President about Convocation. The Faculty of Information is committed to holding our own Convocation event, complete with all the regalia, pomp and ceremony that graduates so rightly expect. There will also, of course, be a fabulous reception. While we can’t yet commit to a date, we can commit to a future Convocation for the Class of 2020. In the meantime, we will keep in touch via our web pages (UofT and Faculty of Information), social media, the Virtual Inforum and email. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Wendy Duff

Professor and Dean

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