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iCare: Designing Healing Futures Workshop With Candide Uyanze

Submitted on Monday, January 15, 2024

This workshop series aims to introduce students to the use of design justice as tool for fostering community care,  imagining just futures for all, and building networks of designers, artists, cultural workers and technologists working at the intersection of racial, social and cultural equity.

Workshop Title: Digitized Diasporic Memory: Leveraging User-Generated and Open-Source Tools for Collective Audio Storytelling

Workshop Description:

In this workshop, Candide Uyanze will delve into her community-based, participatory research project Digitized Diasporic Memory: Leveraging User-Generated and Open-Source Tools for Collective Audio Storytelling. The project serves as a collaborative database, conversational archive, and non-linear chain of memories which highlights the connections between Black diasporic people, experiences, and narratives.

Join us for a discussion on counter-archives, crowdsourced knowledge sharing, orality, sampling, and mind-to-mind networks. Participants will be invited to critically think through the concept of community — both within the realm of participatory research and in the context of open source software projects.

About our presenter:

Candide Uyanze is an award-winning creative technologist working at the intersections of digital media, access, and open source. She’s particularly interested in exploring themes of memory, identity, and virtually-mediated human connection between members of the African diaspora. She does so using web, video, photography, and tech-driven interactive installations.

Candide’s research interests and creative practice includes:

  • Diasporic storytelling
  • Immersive web experiences
  • Open source tools
  • Accessible media production
  • Online networks and communities
  • African languages
  • Speech recognition

Event Information:

Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2024Time: 12:30PM to 2:30PM

Location: Claude T. Bissell Building Learning Hub (5th Floor, Room BL520)

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

This workshop is open to all Faculty of Information students and alumni.

Register here.

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