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Update: Summer 2020 Course Enrolment Dates and Information

Submitted on Tuesday, March 03, 2020

All Summer 2020 courses will be offered remotely. 


The following information outlines the course enrolment process for summer 2020 at the Faculty of Information. Please note that, as usual, courses on the timetable may be canceled if enrolment does not reach a minimum of 15 students or if there are unforeseen circumstances.

Phase 1 – All students will be able to add two (2) half courses only (1.0 FCE):  starting at 6 am on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

  • No wait listing will be allowed at this point.

Phase 2 – only Full time students will be allowed to add an additional two (2) half courses (1.0 FCE): starting at 6 am on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

  • Wait list feature is now active for all students.
  • Wait listed courses count towards your total course load.
  • Students can only be wait listed for two (2) half courses only (1.0 FCE).

All times are eastern time as per ACORN.

Summer Session Dates – All courses are worth 0.5 FCE unless indicated otherwise

  • First session (F)– classes are from May 4 to June 15 and exam week is from June 16-19. (Classes meet twice per week – M/W or T/R or otherwise indicated on the timetable).
    • Final date to enrol in May-June (F) or May-August (Y) session courses: May 4, 2020
    • Final date to drop May-June (F) section summer courses without academic penalty: May 22, 2020
  • Second session (S)– classes are from July to August 17 and exam week is from August 18-21. (Classes meet twice per week – M/W or T/R or otherwise noted on the timetable).
    • Final date to enrol in July-August (S) section summer courses: July 6, 2020
    • Final date to drop July-August (S) section summer courses without academic penalty: July 13, 2020
  • Full session (Y)– classes are from May 4 to August 17, no classes from June 29-July 3 and exam week is from August 18-21. Midterm assessments should be scheduled for the week of June 16-19. (Classes meet once a week or otherwise indicated on the timetable).
    • Final date to enrol in May-June (F) or May-August (Y) session courses: May 4, 2020
    • Final date to drop May-August session (Y) section summer courses without academic penalty: June 15, 2020
  • Important Notes on Dropping Courses:
    • Dropping courses after the drop deadline is not allowed. Please see Academic Regulations for more information. The last date to cancel a course or registration with no academic penalty is not the same as the last date to be eligible for a refund.
    • Tip: When dropping a course through ACORNcross-check your academic record (transcript) to your course list or timetable to ensure that you’ve truly withdrawn from any course(s) you intended to drop on/by each deadline.
    • All ACORN waitlists will be cancelled the evening prior to the deadline date and you will automatically be removed from all waitlists.
    • Late drop requests after the deadline are normally only considered for documented health or other serious personal circumstances and will need approval of the Committee on Standing, or the external graduate unit offering the course, and the School of Graduate Studies. See Academic Regulations for detailed instructions on requesting a late withdrawal from a course.
    • As per SGS: Waiting for mid-terms or graded assignments to see how you are doing is not an acceptable reason for a late drop.

External Elective Courses – Interested in taking courses outside your program? Find out how to enrol in external courses!

Important Reminders:
• Summer course section code is either F (first part/session of the summer), S (second part/session of the summer), or Y (full session of the summer), e.g., INF2145H F, INF1325H S, or INF2170H Y
• Maximum course load for full-time students is 2 FCEs (i.e., 4 half courses) for the entire summer session.
• Maximum course load for part-time students is 1 FCEs (i.e., 2 half courses) for the entire summer session.

Check the summer timetable ahead of course enrolment.

Please note that all summer course offerings are subject to suitable instructor availability, sufficient enrolment and resources.

Summer tuition & fees are waived for most graduate students – please see details about Summer Session Tuition Fees & Gym Memberships.


Students planning to take a full course load during the summer session must consider the following:

  • Summer is not a regular session, and thus our course offering is less robust than fall and winter terms.
  • In order to accommodate all students we have a “phased” course enrolment. This means that the first day we open enrolment, all students are limited to enrolling in two (2) half courses only. We then increase it to two (2) more half courses for full time students, and so on.  See above for summer 2020 course enrolment dates.  Most courses are offered in a compressed format. This means that the content of the course will be the same as if it were offered over 12 weeks, but assignments, mid-terms, etc. will happen at a much faster pace.

Planning to complete your degree requirements faster than the normal 2 year program length?

Students who complete the degree faster than the normal 2 year program length are responsible for paying the degree fee, which is equivalent to two years of full-time studies. Thus, students who “fast track” will have an outstanding Balance of Degree fee. Many part-time students must pay a balance of degree fee prior to graduation e.g., if a part-time student takes four years to finish, they will likely need to pay a balance-of-degree fee. Please see all details under the Tuition & Fees on our website.

  •  The MI degree was designed to be completed in 2 years, and while it may be possible to complete it faster, and under special circumstances, we do not encourage it.
  •  A number of our graduates who have done it in less than two years, have told us, that in retrospective, they took courses that did not necessarily align with their goals in their race to finish faster.

INF2173H Y Information Professional Practicum

  • Students planning to take this course must enrol in it whether they have already arranged for a placement or not.
  • Students must enrol via ACORN themselves.
  • Please note the pre-requisites for this course. Email the instructor directly if you have any questions.

External courses: outside your program of study and outside the iSchool

  • Students who plan to take courses outside our Faculty should read the instructions posted on our website.
  • It may be a good idea to start the process of gathering the required information now and ensure that you will be able to enroll in the course(s) first, and then secure our approval.
  • Students bring all forms and documentation to Student Services for approval.




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