Bachelor of Information

NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: Online application is due April 30 and supporting documents are due May 15

The BI is a second-entry undergraduate program. Students must have completed at least 20 half university level courses to be considered for admission. 

The Bachelor of Information (BI) is a second-entry professional undergraduate program. It considers the interactions between information technologies and social worlds, providing you with the conceptual tools and practical techniques necessary to understand and effect change in a data-intensive society. The BI program integrates design thinking, critical scholarship, and experiential learning.

Have you ever wondered? …

  • How a database works?
  • How Google ads seem to reflect what you have been thinking and talking about?
  • How we will manage the growing pile of data, pictures, and records we are creating every day?
  • How organizations are able to manage what they know?
  • Why some companies have a hard time getting people to share information effectively?
  • Whether AI will turn out to be dangerous?
  • Why it’s sometimes really hard to find what you’re looking for on a website?
  • Who owns your data on social media sites like Facebook & Instagram?
  • What is “big data” and why is it so hot right now?
  • What the impact of information technologies is on the environment?
  • How your gender, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation race or education impact your perspectives on privacy, both your own and those around you?

You will learn to:

  • Understand and assess the social, political, economic, and ethical entailments of information creation, ownership, stewardship, and circulation
  • Understand, critique, and use multiple techniques of data creation, manipulation, and interpretation;
  • Use current information and computing tools and strive to understand what similar tools may be developed in future;
  • Use the design process to understand, analyze and engage with complex questions of information practice;
  • Work collaboratively and professionally to analyze, address emerging problems relating to information technologies and practices;
  • Apply your knowledge and skills in a manner that demonstrates ethical, cultural, and legal awareness

The BI consists of 11 full courses over 5 terms (fall/winter/summer/fall/winter)

You can apply during year 2 of your undergraduate degree.

  • 10 required lecture-based courses

  • 6 required studio-based courses

  • 4 lecture-based electives

  • 1 Practicum

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