Knowledge Management & Information Management (KMIM)

Master of Information

Concentration liaison: Prof. Colin Furness

Knowledge Managers and Information Managers are responsible for the access, organization, processing, utilization, and monitoring of information shared within a corporation or community.

They plan and implement processes and tools that facilitate effortless knowledge transfer. For example, to improve transparency and develop new ideas and services that people need, the Ontario government is making more government data available to the public and businesses through their “open data” initiative. Similarly, within the health industry, managing electronic access to health records has become increasingly important for patents and healthcare providers.

These days, KMIM professionals are highly needed in many organizations, where they can provide expertise on the latest theories, best practices and trends regarding effective management and security of information and all types of knowledge.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the theoretical frameworks that integrate the creation, sharing, and utilization of information and knowledge
  • Learn effective ways to use information to support decision-making
  • Gain expertise on knowledge access management, including metadata-enabled search and resource discovery
  • Develop strategic modelling of goals and dependencies for knowledge management
  • Design information systems as platforms for creating and sharing knowledge

Health Informatics elective courses

  • Health Informatics is the application of information technology to improve all aspects of healthcare, including preventive and acute care, research, and education.
  • With permission of the instructor, a selection of elective courses are generally open to MI students.
  • Explore information systems design for the health care domain, electronic health records, patient care systems, telehealth, clinical decision support systems, nursing informatics, as well as organizational and societal issues.

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