User Experience Design (UXD)

Master of Information

Concentration liaison: Prof. Olivier St-Cyr

User experience (UX) is concerned with a user’s total experience when interacting with digital systems. It applies several traditional facets of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and more recent developments such as experiential and affective design. To create successful and positive user experiences, UX designers must consider ways in which humans interact with technology by studying typical users, context of uses, interaction techniques and resulting emotions, and UX assessment metrics.

The User Experience Design (UXD) concentration aims to provide students with the necessary core knowledge and skills to become marketable UX designers. It recognizes the demand for professionals who can envision, design, and evaluate outstanding user experiences for digital products. Through a mix of theoretical and hands-on approaches, students will work collaboratively and intensively on a variety of design problems ranging from traditional digital systems (e.g., desktop, website, mobile) to recent advances in the field of HCI (e.g., 3D user interfaces, wearables, tangible interfaces, social platforms). A particular emphasis will be given to the factors influencing the overall UX when interacting with digital systems. Interdisciplinary design thinking and knowledge translation through a User-Centred Design (UCD) approach are stressed.

Project-based design-oriented classes will allow students to gain transferable insights into complex problems, work with experts in other fields, and learn how to communicate across disciplines. Students will engage with each stage of the UXD process – brainstorming, data gathering, analysis, designing, prototyping, and evaluation – in order to produce research projects that can lead to published papers, conference presentations, thesis projects, competition winners, new products and services, and start-up businesses.


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  • For students who enrolled in the UXD or KMD concentration prior to 2016

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  • Careers in User Experience Design / Knowledge Media Design