Coursework Extensions

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Extension requests during the term are typically negotiated between students and their instructors directly.

However, if an extension is needed beyond the end of the term, then students need to petition to the Committee on Standing for an official coursework extension. It is important for students in such a situation to book an appointment with your academic advisor from the Student Services team. An academic advisor can help with academic planning based on your unique circumstances.

The Committee on Standing convenes at the following time periods for each term’s petition review:

    • Summer Term Petitions: Beginning of September
    • Fall Term Petitions: Beginning of January
    • Winter Term Petitions: late May

Petition Deadlines

For students wishing to petition for coursework, please submit your petition materials before the following deadlines, through your academic advisor. If you missed this deadline, please connect with your academic advisor on what other options might be available.

    • Summer 2022 courses: deadline for submission will be September 19th

Required Documents for the Petition

    • Complete an Extension to Complete Coursework Form (NOTE: Your instructor must complete Section 2 on the form):
    • Provide a statement (maximum of 1 page) explaining:
      • The extenuating circumstances that negatively impacted your ability to complete the coursework on time.
      •         How the extenuating circumstances were beyond your control.
      • If the extenuating circumstances still persist, how you plan to overcome them to complete the outstanding coursework.
    • Provide any supporting documents:
      • If you were negatively impacted by a medical situation, you are required to provide a Verification of Illness (PDF).
      • If you are registered with Accessibility Services, provide a letter from your accessibility advisor.
    • Submit the above documents to Student Services through your academic advisor.

Legitimate reasons for an extension can be academic in nature (e.g., unexpected obstacles in conducting research) or non-academic (e.g., illness, personal). The Committee may or may not support the request. Generally, the Committee will only consider documented, extraordinary, unexpected circumstances as valid reasons for extending coursework into a subsequent term.

The student needs to demonstrate that:

    • They were in a situation that was unforeseeable and that was sufficiently serious to prevent them from completing the coursework on time.
    • They would not be placing in jeopardy the normal and satisfactory completion of new course work (if their coursework extension request were approved). The Committee on Standing may determine that new course work should not be undertaken until the outstanding course work is completed, or that an extension should not be provided given the amount of new coursework the student may undertake.
    • They have a reasonable chance of completing outstanding requirements within the time to be allotted.

Petition Results

The Committee on Standing will communicate with students who have requested an extension to complete course work. There are only two possible outcomes: Approved or Denied.

    • Approved petitions for an extension will identify the new deadline.
    • Denied petitions will assign to the student the grade they have earned for completed work and zero for any incomplete work.

Students may appeal a denied petition to the Academic Appeals Committee.